Cassidy Armstrong

My wife and I recently had a sudden change in our family dynamics and needed a bigger house urgently. We could not afford to pay two house payments, did not want to rent out our place, and needed to move prior to a new school year beginning. Jessica, who came strongly recommended to me via referral from my lender, took on my listing and I had offers within 9 days. I listed, secured a buyer, and closed all within the month of August. Jessica stayed calm and cool during the negotiations and counter offers. She was firm when needed and acquiesced with grace when appropriate. She kept me focused on the big picture rather than nickel and diming the minutia, and even helped me locate contractors to do some repairs on my home. I feel extremely confident that my quick sale and maximized proceeds were due entirely to her efforts. We are now in a bigger home in a great school district and feel very blessed given the short notice circumstances that led to our change in scenery.

— Cassidy Armstrong